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Old Maps Online is an easy to use new website for historical maps in libraries worldwide. Users can access digitalised maps online via a geographical search interface. You can filter on place-name, by clicking on a location or by limiting the time period. For the moment, Old Maps Online contains parts of map collections from, among others, the British Library, the New York Public Library and the National Library of Scotland. The project is now looking for institutions with a digitalised map collection of their own, who would like to participate in the endeavour.

Source: http://www.vlaamse-erfgoedbibliotheek.be/nieuws/2012/07/2484-old-maps-online-ontsluit-oude-kaarten-geografisch-tijdslijn

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A new web exhibition of the library of the Amsterdam University takes you in twenty steps through three ages of prayer books with golden and silver mount. These missals form a part of the collection Van Noordwijk, a collector of book silver.

Typical about these books is the way in which they are richly decorated. They show how precious these books were for the owners.

The webexpo (Dutch)  can be found here .

Source: Boekgeschiedenis.nl

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Penguin stops offering e-books and digital audiobooks to American public libraries. Libraries that have already purchased digital materials from Penguin, are still allowed to keep lending them out.

According to the American Library Association (ALA), publishers think e-book lending is too easy. Someone who wants to borrow a printed book has to go out twice: one time to pick up and one time to return the book. E-book lending however is ‘frictionless’: you can download the book onto your own pc or directly onto your iPad. Publishers are concerned, the ALA says, that the ready download-ability of library e-books could have an adverse effect on sales.

Source: PaidContent en InformatieProfessional.nl

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Shortly after the fire of 1940, Archibald Harrison Corble (1883-1944) donated his collection to the university. As a fencer and a book lover, over time he collected a variety of books and manuscripts concering the art of fencing. This top collection harbours about 1900 documents, dating from the 15th to the 20th century. The focus is not solely on fencing: Corble also collected on the subject of self defence and the development of weapons and armour. Lots of works are illuminated with numerous engravings, etchings and litho’s, thus enlightening the history of duelling.

Modern works were already available on the online catalogue. Now the old prints from before 1800 can also be sought out and requested.

More information can be found here [link website] .

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Web service with historical newspapers is an important source of information for historians, genealogists, journalists, and language researchers. The Royal Library of the Netherlands digits a large part of all national, regional, local and colonial newspapers which were published between 1618 and 1995.

Since 27 of May 2010 the first part of one million pages is accessible at kranten.kb.nl . It contains more than 70 different newspapers. The other seven million pages arrive in the next eighteen months. The web service is the largest, free, accessible online newspapers database in the world and is a part of the intention of the KB to make about 10% of all Dutch books, newspapers and magazines available digitally.

Source: http://www.informatieprofessional.nl  01.06.2010 IP Flash

We put a link to this database from our Web site at newspapers.

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