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Till May 13 you can visit the exhibition ‘Wendingen 1918-1932’ in the Museum M of Leuven. Wendingen was a groundbreaking art magazine published during the Interbellum and stands as a testament to the unbelievably creative energy of that period. This Dutch-language magazine, specialised in design and architecture, was essential to the development of modernism in the Low Countries, but it also had a clearly international perspective. The periodical was not only groundbreaking for its content; its form was also at the forefront of the graphic arts.

Themed issues were published about Frank Lloyd Wright, Gustav Klimt and H. P. Berlage, among others. Every cover was specially designed by a renowned artist or graphic designer. El Lissitzky is one of the many renowned artists who designed a cover. As a result, the magazine continues to have a refreshing and aesthetic character today.

Source: http://www.mleuven.be/en/classical-art/wendingen/index.jsp

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